Casted Away

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 Gilligan's Island the Next Parody Years Later
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A family comedy feature Film  

This film will be hilarious, keeping you on the edge. Caution, when you see this Casted Away feature, you will Laugh so... hard! We will update and post casting calls as we progress.

Casted Away Character Descriptions 

By: Legacy Lenz Entertainment

CAPTAIN PETER GULLY: Peter an average size heavier set man in his late forties with signs of grey under his skipper hat. 

WINSTON LOUIS VANDERBILT IX: Winston a very well groomed tall and a well built man in his late fifties that inherited billions from his family and is now a billionaire investor 

JESSICA LOUISE VANDERBILT: Jessica, Winston’s Wife in her early fifties, a pretty, and in respectable shape, she loves shopping and expensive jewelry, she is very spoiled by her husband who sometimes calls her. 

SKULLY BALL: We see a long haired man with a scruffy beard out in the ocean on a surf board he is in his early thirties, he is a goofy and corky kinda guy that can never do anything right, but is a good at surfing and catching food for the others on the island.


MARILYN STAR EDISON: Marilyn a gorgeous strawberry-blonde gal in her early thirties and was born on the Island who thinks she is a big time movie star.

WALDMAN EDISON: Waldman a very handsome man in his early thirties was born on the deserted Island was a very smart survivalist.

SAMANTHA MAE BALL: Samantha Mae a Beautiful down to earth surfer gal in her early thirties was born on the Island, she usually does all the cooking and is known for her famous banana cream pie just like her mother.

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